Practice areas

Administrative liability of legal entities (Legislative Decree No. 231/2001)

We have a significant experience in consulting and assisting companies in relation to administrative liability of legal bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001. Throughout the years, we have assisted our clients in drafting and updating models of organization, management and control of numerous companies operating in different industries (for instance in the medical sector, oil & gas, transportation, logistics, supply of goods and services, strategic consulting services, publishing, industrial productions, nursing homes, etc.). We also carry out the preliminary activity of analysis and mapping of the risks in the sensitive areas (i.e. the area where there is an higher risk of commission of the crimes set forth in Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 – hereinafter “231 crimes”) and audit activities (periodic or extraordinary) over those areas to verify the quality of the prevention protocols provided for in the organizations and management models. We assist and give consultancy also to plan, draft, update and perfect the prevention protocols of the 231 crimes, by helping the company to implement and introduce internal procedures aimed at minimizing as much as possible the commission of 231 crimes, without impeding or making arduous the execution of the company’s activities.

We often manage training activities on administrative liability of legal entities and on specific previsions and protocols provided for under the model of organization, management and control of our clients. We are member of numerous supervisory boards – both monocratic and collective – and we coordinate the supervisory activities and the professionals in charge in order to guarantee a constant and effective supervision of the real and actual application of the model; we are also members of supervisory boards of entities in which public authorities have partial or a majority of holdings.