Practice areas

Art Law & Design Art – Intellectual Property

Art Law & Design Art

The law firm specializes in art and cultural heritage law. The cooperation with qualified and skilled international lawyers, boasting decennial experience in this sector, allows us to offer focused services to Italian and foreign investors, collectors, art market operators and public and private institutions.

In particular, we provide assistance for investment in art: through a due diligence activity aimed to assume information concerning artworks authenticity and their provenance, we manage our clients’ interests during all the relevant steps of trade negotiations until the closing of the deal.

We routinely provide counselling on issues concerning national and transnational circulation of artworks (included those subject to historical and artistic constraints) and the arrangement of the relative agreements. Besides, we possess a solid experience in civil and administrative litigation.

We additionally support our clients in the organization of art exhibitions overseeing the main issues related to it such as artworks loan, insurance coverage, sponsorship and patronage operations. Furthermore, we assist artists, designers, artist’s foundations and archives in developing their activities as well as managing and protecting their authorial economic and moral rights by overseeing their contractual relationships with art market operators.

Additionally, we pay particular attention to the specific needs of family artistic heritages, assisting our clients in hereditary divisions and, with regard to generational transitions, in establishing trusts, associations, companies, foundations for assets management and protection.

Intellectual Property

By virtue of a consolidated collaboration with high qualified and internationally recognized professionals in the IP field, our team provides legal assistance with both copyright and industrial law.

Particularly, we support our clients in all the several phases of commercial transactions processes and in the arrangement of sale or licence agreements involving IP rights on industrial inventions, trademarks, designs and models or copyrights.We offer judicial and extrajudicial protection of IP rights also by means of alternative disputes resolution processes and techniques such as specialized mediation and arbitration.We habitually deal with issues concerning unfair competition or know-how and industrial secrets protection, also by means of the arrangement of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements aimed to the preservation of the information exchanged in commercial transactions and relationships.

The firm also boasts a unique expertise concerning the industrial design sector. Regularly we are retained for advice by both manufacturing companies and designers.In cooperation with reliable and experienced partners we offer our consultancy services for registration of patents, trademarks, designs and models, utility models and domain names. We carry out anteriority searches and in order to prevent industrial property right infringements we offer to our clients trademark monitoring services. We also provide them with assistance in administrative opposition procedure against third parties’ trademarks applications.

Additionally, our network of consultants is experienced in internet law and new technologies. Among our partners we may rely on the first professionals to have dealt with disputes concerning the liability of internet service providers in Italy. We provide our clients with legal advice on domain names protection as well as management, storage and supply of content online, e-commerce activities regulation, drafting of IT contracts, disclaimer and privacy policies, drafting of consent forms on data processing.

Besides, our Law Firm offers legal assistance for management and protection of authors’ moral and economic rights arising from and related to works created in the field of visual arts, industrial design possessing artistic value and creative character, music and publishing, theater, cinema and television, architecture, software and databases. Likewise, we deal with issues related to the protection of ideas (intended as structured detailed projects and formats) and to image rights.The services we offer to our client range from judicial and extrajudicial protection of rights to contract drafting, from the submission of industrial rights registration and management of the relative rights to the establishment of trusts, associations, companies, foundations operating in the field of intellectual creations.