Practice areas

Commercial and corporate litigation, arbitration and ADR

In each area of expertise we always try to have a cooperative approach, oriented in first instance to reach an amicable solution of any dispute arisen. We pay lot of attention on the so called “transaction cost”, so we usually discourage our clients from starting right away any judicial or arbitral procedure, whilst we suggest to try to solve the disagreement through an out-of-court solution, especially when the value of the controversy doesn’t justify the costs for the legal procedure nor the waiting time to obtain a decision, or when the client’s claims may not find a satisfactory protection under the applicable law or do not find enough support by means of evidence. In said cases, we try to figure out more creative and commercial solutions. Nevertheless, when a compromised solution is not viable nor favorable, our Firm is able to represent the clients in court and before arbitrators or arbitral court created ad hoc or managed by arbitral chambers, both domestic and international.

Our Firm handles complex and multi-jurisdictions disputes, often representing foreign clients in Italy and dealing with issues related to conflict of jurisdiction, applicable law, international lis pendens rules (i.e. torpedo actions), the recognitions in Italy of foreign judgment or awards and also the taking of evidences by means of international rogatory. The lawyers of the Firm have often dealt with transnational cases, leading teams of foreign professionals that operate under different cultural and legal systems.

Our experience is focused in particular in the following fields:

  • Corporate: we have represented the rights of shareholders, either owner of majority or minority of the shares, and of investors against other shareholders, also in judicial cases for the issuing of precautionary measures, or in case of liability actions against directors or statutory auditors;
  • Commercial: we have been involved in litigations both in connection with acquisition and financing contracts, and with the most relevant commercial contracts, such as international sales (CIGS), distribution contracts, agency contracts and contracts for the realization of the distribution network, distribution agreements (in particular in the luxury fashion industry), contract, engineering contract (EPC);
  • Tort and product liability: we have assisted our clients in particular in case of products liability;
  • Banking law or financial intermediary law: we have represented both the main banks or companies;
  • Labor law: we have assisted our clients by protecting both employers and management and executive employees.

The Firm has developed a trusted network of international law firms and consolidated relationships with Italian and foreign professionals that we put at the disposal of our clients when the need for assistance in fields that are not our specific expertise arises.