Practice areas

Commercial contracts

Thanks to our long experience in industrial and commercial fields or in the area of supply of services, we helped our clients in drafting, negotiating and implementing every type of commercial contract, in relation to different kind of industries. We have gained our experience by cooperating side by side with our clients: said cooperation helped us to acquire a primary knowledge of the technical and legal aspects with a deep understanding of all the relevant practical and commercial aspects of various entrepreneurial activities. This way, we are able to guarantee possible solutions that will be feasible under all points of view, technical, legal and entrepreneurial. Therefore, we can guarantee to our clients the added value of a vision at 360 degree and business oriented. In particular we oversee the drafting, negotiation and performance of any contractual document required for the development and management of a company, in relation to both its domestic operations or international relationships and cross-border transactions, either through internationalization processes of Italian companies or through investments of foreign entities in the Italian market or to help developing the company’s potential. We have a specific expertise in agreements related to the distribution chain, such as distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchising agreements, supply agreements, sale of goods and services, international sales, online sales, general conditions of sale. We have also a broad experience in license agreements for brands, patents and other industrial property rights, and agreements connected or required for the commercial development of our clients, such as guarantees and other securities, letters of patronage, joint ventures, consortia, consulting agreements, procurement, subcontracting, lease, sale and purchase of companies’ business branches, real estate, loan, outsourcing, contracts related to computer systems, escrow, trustee mandate, factoring, leasing and bank contracts in general.