Practice areas

Medical and Pharmaceutical Law

The health and pharmaceutical sectors are two strategic industrial sectors in the national economy. Both have a number of significant specific aspects: highly qualified workforces; the need for constant relationships with public authorities responsible for regulation and expenditure; high level research and development investment allocations greater than the average levels for other industries.

As a whole, the “health sector chain” is currently undergoing profound changes. On the one hand, these are linked to the radical revolution in European welfare systems and, on the other, to constant and rapid scientific and technological advances. The sector stakeholders are therefore called upon to face the challenges of competitiveness and sustainability throughout the entire production cycle, and legal advice has necessarily become an indispensable industrial tool for the operators involved.

Our Firm offers a wide range of out-of-court legal support services specific to healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies: preparation of models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, with particular regard to the drafting of procedures for the engagement and appointment of consultants and the management of relations with the Public Administration; legal advice on the advertising of medicines and medical devices; compliance with the main sector regulations such as the Farmindustria Code of Conduct and health sector anti-corruption rules; compliance with the new European regulation on privacy, with particular regard to the research and testing of new drugs and clinical documentation handling; planning of ad hoc training about the most relevant corporate health and pharmaceutical compliance issues; preparation of deeds and contracts.