Practice areas

Merger and acquisitions - extraordinary transactions

This is the core business of the Firm and one of the areas in which we have achieved the most significant and plurennial experiences. We regularly assist our clients in extraordinary corporate transactions, either in the Italian market, abroad or in cross-border transactions, both in relation to internationalization processes of Italian companies or foreign investments in the Italian market, either through the acquisition of Italian companies and/or the entry into commercial agreements for business cooperation.

In particular we have a vast track record in various commercial and industrial fields, with regard to corporate and commercial joint venture transactions, private equity deals, management by-out, disinvestment or restructuring agreements, contributions of businesses or equity, mergers and acquisitions – both on the seller and the buyer side, also assisting the equity shareholders or the industrial stakeholders (being either the owner of majority or the minority share interests).

We assist our clients in all the phases of the transaction, from the drafting of the business plan in cooperation with the client and other professionals involved, to the due diligence activities, the drafting and negotiation of all the transactional documents, such as letters of intent and memoranda of understanding, sale and purchase agreements, investment agreements, shareholders’ agreements, escrow, agreements between investors and directors and any other ancillary document required, and at time we also handle the negotiation of the agreements with the trade unions.

Moreover we have a deep knowledge in handling multi-jurisdiction transactions, sometimes coordinating teams of professionals with various cultural and legal backgrounds, such as in the case of operations involving groups of companies with targets located in different jurisdictions. In these cases, when required for the success of the operation, we organize, manage and coordinate the joint activities of the various legal and tax advisors or the other professionals eventually retained in each jurisdiction.