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Third Sector

The “Third Sector” refers to the complex of private entities operating in the non-profit-making pursuit of civic, solidarity and social utility purposes and which, while implementing subsidiarity principles, promote and engage in activities of general interest through forms of voluntary and free-of-charge mutual support or the production and exchange of goods and services.

The Third Sector is made up of 336,275 active institutions, over 780 thousand employees and 5.5 million volunteers (Istat [the Italian Statistics Agency] – Permanent Census of non-profit institutions 2017). The entire sector is worth 4.3% of GDP (source Sole 24 Ore) and, given its anti-cyclical nature, it has grown considerably in these years of economic and financial crisis, acquiring strategic importance within the national welfare system.

With the entry into force of Italian Legislative Decree no. 117 of 3 July 2017, the so-called Third Sector Code, Italy adopted a relevant effective structured regulation aimed at “supporting the independent initiative of citizens who contribute, also through associations, to the pursuit of the common good, to raising levels of active citizenship, to cohesion and social protection, encouraging participation, inclusion and full development of the person while enhancing the potential for growth and jobs”.  The new regulation introduces the general term of the Third Sector Entity (ETS) i.e. a reference category comprising various legally regulated non-profit entities already in operation (e.g. voluntary organisations and social promotion associations).

The Firm provides comprehensive legal advice, assisting its clients both at the entity establishment phase (preparation of the deed of incorporation and the articles of association in compliance with the principles of the Third Sector Code, definition of the best governance framework in relation to the institutional purpose), as well as in the management phase (continuous legal assistance, revision of the articles of association, drafting of the main covenants and contracts, adaptation to the new European privacy regulation, training on legal issues of interest).

Furthermore, we can facilitate contacts between our clients and companies specialised in obtaining grants and funding, as well as provide assistance with participation in local, regional, national and European tenders.