Practice areas

Entertainment & media law

Throughout the years we have gained specific competences in relation to the legal assistance to businesses that organize event or concerts and operate in the management of artistic and musical performances. As known, there is not an organic discipline of the entertainment and media industries but instead it is regulated by different branches of the law, such as civil law, labor law, administrative law, copyright law and intellectual property law.

With relation to the entrainment and media industries, since there are no standard contracts, our Firm assists the clients in the negotiations and drafting of the contractual documents needed from time to time: for instance we draft documents to regulate the relationships between the companies interested in sponsoring and/or producing events, or we draft the documents to produce original contents for the promotion of the company’s brands (i.e. brand events and branded contents), or we negotiate the agreements with the suppliers specialized in content creating.

In reference to artistic and musical contents, we offer our assistance by coordinating all the players involved (artists, musicians, singers, etc.) and drafting ad hoc contracts.

In the artistic management industry, we also help our clients with the redaction of the representation duties and all the consequential activities, by drafting contracts for artists’ exhibition during concerts, events, touring, testimonials, endorsements or sponsorships.

When the activity carried out by the client requires the creation of formats or original contents, it is important to ensure a strong protection of the intellectual property rights, with the double aim of protecting the creation process and the economic exploitation of the intellectual property rights, also by developing new assets in order to increase the value of the enterprise that owns the intellectual property rights. We can give assistance in drafting contractual clauses adequate to each singular situation.

In the entertainment industry it is also frequent to cooperate with the public administration, either to obtain the licenses and authorizations required for performing an event and to participate in tenders of the same public administration for the management of events in public places. In these cases, we cooperate with professionals appointed by the clients by offering our legal assistance to obtain permits and licenses and we represent the clients in the administrative procedures for participating in tenders, sometimes by creating a temporary grouping of enterprises.