Practice areas


The treatment of personal data represents a rather new field of interest, consequent to its considerable development in the recent years. Being a side discipline, usually underestimated in its importance, the “Privacy” field of interest has recently become more and more relevant, also due to the interventions of the Italian data protection Authority (Garante) that have contributed to develop the discipline and has also introduced sanctions against violations.

Our Firm assists its clients to be compliant with all the requirements under the applicable law, such as the drafting of privacy policies, their periodic updates, the notifications to the data protection Authority for specific treatments, redaction of legal opinions on privacy issues, etc.

We give our assistance to clients that have e-commerce or web-based activities, in particular by implementing in their web sites the suitable privacy policy, cookies policy and any other requirement needed from time to time.

In the recent years, the advent of social networks and mobile devices has represented a new critical area for privacy, requiring the data protection Authority to frequently intervene in order to clarify how the treatment of personal data shall be implemented in this field. It relatively short time, privacy became an area to be kept supervised also by all the businesses that operate in the applications and software marketplace since they daily operate with data sharing. Therefore we help said businesses in correctly dealing and updating their privacy policy, taking into consideration the peculiarity of each business and the services offered, in particular in case the company offers the possibility to share video or images.