The Firm

FPB is a law firm specialized in commercial law and corporate law.

FPB is a law firm specialized in commercial law and corporate law.

We work on a daily basis with foreign companies and we are frequently involved in cross-border operations, in projects for the internationalization of our clients and in international or transnational litigations.

Our team members come from different work experiences, both from big international law firms, Italian and foreign, or from mid-sized and boutique style law firms.

Throughout the years we have assimilated the best quality of these experiences and we have transferred those qualities in our daily work, with the aim to create a team of professionals that are attentive, flexible and fast in responding to our clients’ necessities. Our experiences are also able to guarantee the best standards of the legal profession when we work with foreign cultures and judicial systems.

We have garnered significant expertise in the international market and we have developed a trusted network of foreign professionals, lawyers and tax consultants. Therefore we are able to place these experts at the disposal of our clients when the need for assistance in foreign countries arises.

Our firm is a member of the ILN – the International Lawyers Network (, which is a worldwide network of independent law firms, with more than 90 members selected and operating in 65 countries.

We adopt a pragmatic and business-oriented approach when assisting our clients: not only we search for the best theoretical solutions but we also ponder the most efficient solutions for the case at hand. We do this by focusing on time, costs saving, and feasibility of the solutions.

Our main clients are:

  • Medium-size or large companies;
  • Small businesses with expansion projects or the prospect for development in the national or international market;
  • Startups;
  • Entrepreneurs, managers or directors of capital companies;
  • Italian and foreign fund management companies;
  • Financial intermediaries, investment firms and other regulated professionals of the financial sector;
  • Real estate operators.